Bar & Restaurant

Drop by the Bar located in the first fllor of the property and step into another world. Conversation flows over sparkling glasses and candlelit tables. Behind the bar, mixologists conjure up new concoctions and time-honoured classic cocktails. Before you savour that first sip, take in the surroundings. The open bar with an wonderful sea view and a cool wooden Bar set a stylish tone. From day to night, the Bar is infused with a relaxed, inviting energy. To accompany your drinks, choose from light menus of bar snacks and evening canapés.

Special Drinks

Enjoy drinks made by our professional Barista

The Restaurant

Our Delicious Story

“To cook, serve and nourish. To care for those who sit at our table.
The ingredients and technique, the dedication and passion of each cook and each waiter.
The search for the perfect balance between creativity, the new, the unique and unknown,
with the classic, the ingredient, the raw material in its most natural state,
as it arrives at our door, with the least intervention.
The disturbing realization that there may be magic in the simplest,
most obvious, ultimate detail of a creative surge.
Emotional memories, reencountering the past
and the transformation of unique recollections captured in a bite.
The heritage of a fascinating past discovering new seas, lands, peoples and products.
Exploring a bustling present and passionately imagining the future.
We are history, memory, knowledge, creativity, dream, emotion and action.
The chicken or the egg, traditional or vanguard,
who came first, what stirs us, deepens our feelings and makes us travel.
Yesterday, today or tomorrow – a dateless, timeless cuisine, with all the time in the world.
Apparently hermetic at times, again and again constantly evolving.
A startling journey through a whirlwind of emotions?”

Featured Delicacies

Fresh Sea Food